Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Fun & Crafts

So Valentine's Day is the next official holiday and of course the perpetually single *cough* me *cough* have trouble knowing exactly what to do for this love-filled holiday. So my idea was to ask my best friend to be my valentine and it turned out to be brilliant :D ! So I made him an epic box of "love" full of ideas from craftgawker. Type in love or heart or valentine and amazing and simple ideas come up. The contents of the box include a card booklet made from playing cards listing 10 fun and witty reasons as to why my best buddy is my perfect valentine, a valentine themed paper cake, 4 fun and witty vouchers, 3 coupons (found in the $1 target bin) and a homemade crayon shaped heart. I'm a cheesy person and my best bud hates candy (he's crazy) so I ended up with this. Any thoughts? 

10 Reasons Card Idea - Little Gray Fox blog
Cake Paper Toy - Samantha Eynon (scroll all the way down)
Crayon Heart - Lifestyle Crafts
Vouchers - Morning Creativity

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